Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my new candle have droplets on top or why do some parts of the jar look like they have air bubbles/wet spots trapped?

All our candles are hand poured in small batches, so each one is unique. We try our best to keep them all consistent but natural wax is known to crack, sweat, shrink and expand particularly when the temperature or weather changes abruptly. 

Exposure to heat or humidity is the most common cause for sweating; hotter, damper conditions increase the odds that the candle sweats. 

This doesn't affect the performance of the candle at all, it's just a sign that our wax is free from synthetic additives that would otherwise hold that perfect finish. 

Why is the surface of my candle bumpy after burning?

If you find this happening to your candle, don't worry. In fact, do the opposite of worrying. 

Olive & Bean candles are perfect on the inside, because they are filled with nothing but biodegradable and natural renewable plant based coconut & soy wax and premium fragrance and essential oils.

There is absolutely no palm oil, paraffin wax or petroleum additives added to this sustainable wax, keeping you home safe from nasty chemicals being breathed in. 

However, coconut and soy wax has some quirks that sometimes make your candle look a little on the not so pretty side.

You may have noticed some of these natural imperfections and thought something was wrong with your candle, but rest assured this is actually a good thing as it is a perfect sign to show that our candle wax is pure and free from chemical additives that would otherwise hold the wax together and reset smooth after burning. 

So if you look at the full story, in trade for a guaranteed smooth surface, you'll get a cleaner, longer burn with a stronger scent throw. THE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT candle. 


What is in my candle? 

Our candles are made from 100% pure and renewable plant based coconut soy wax (cocosoy), there is absolutely no palm oil, paraffin wax or petroleum additives added to our candles, keeping your home safe from nasty chemicals being breathed in.

We use pure essential oils and premium fragrance oils that are vegan, cruelty free and paraben free and phthalate free, that adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.

Our fragrances are certified through The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), an organisation that tests and approves fragrances for safety. IFRA has a comprehensive, responsive, and global system that looks at different types of consumer exposure and reacts quickly to new scientific data to ensure that all consumers feel confident with the fragrances in their products.

How do I remove excess wax from my jar?

Place the glass jar in a safe place out of the reach of children and pets. Pour boiling water into the glass jar and let the wax melt and float to the top. When the water cools, the wax will form a floating block.

Simply remove/discard the excess wax and then rinse off the jar with warm soapy water.